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Friday, December 07, 2007

Asinelli Web 2.0.

Ho preso uno zero sulle reviews di Mozilla con questa motivazione..
"It makes it further irritating that I had to install it to see what the functions are, instead of reading about what it actually does".
Ma sta brutta testa di...ehm..ok, colpa mia.. come esame di riparazione, ho cercato di inserire qualche descrizione in più su come funziona il mio plugin per Firefox.

FastYub is a lightweight plugin that let you search the web fast and easily with YubNub commands.

You can use FastYub in two different ways:
1. Shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+K):
1.1 Pop Fastyub and enter your command followed by what you want to search (Example: gim porsche).
1.2 Highlight your text, pop FastYub and enter your command (Example:gim).

2. Topten:
2.1 Highlight your text and pick one of topten commands in your context menu.

FastYub in a nutshell:
  • Smarter browsing.
  • Quickly search zillions of search engines: blogs,videos,movies,lyrics,translations,currencies,news,
    torrents,images..everything YubNub can offer.
  • All in one solution: YubNub put the web in your hands.
  • Easy configuration of shortcut and topten commands.
Ho esagerato?Sembra la pubblicità del Dixan?Amen!
Ah..scopro ora che c'e' la possibilità del reply alle review!!Adesso lo mando a fare..


Anonymous said...

I use it daily.Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

All very well but WHERE IS THE COMMAND LIST?
Can't find it on your blog here.
So far only command found is your example: 'GIM' (presumably get image as all it retrieves is images).
Nothing appears in my firefox menu bar to open so stuck with ctrlshiftk.
Where is the link to the manual?
There is no help button on the input box.
It looks like a useful addon but cannot evaluate it.
Please make more user friendly

sys.out said...

Hi John,
fastyub is a plugin for the yubnub service.
You can find all the command on yubnub site

Hope it helps.