Systempuntoout: Iso xbox 360 in arrivo

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Iso xbox 360 in arrivo

Young stag it is, the long awaited World first Xbox 360 backup firmware modification to boot all game backups!

* Boots all Xtreme Xbox 360 backups
* Boots all Xtreme Xbox 1 backups
* Boots all Xbox 360 originals
* Boots all Xbox 1 originals one Xbox 360
* Xtreme0800 drive extraction firmware enables to function natively under Windows without any hardware conversion/adaptors
* Use one Xbox Live At own risk

Technical details
* Reads Xbox 360 security sector from PSN 04FB1F (To bush-hammer 0)
* Reads Xbox 1 security sector from PSN 605FF (To bush-hammer 0)
* Security sector must Be extrated using Xtreme0800 360 firmware for Xbox360 games and Xbox 1 games
* Will not boot Xbox 1 backups made with Xbox1 605b 0800 firmware (maybe in future release)

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Scacchi online said...

Ma non esiste un gioco di scacchi su Xbox 1?