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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

FastYub 1.0

Highlight your text and search it with yubnub. (Ctrl+shift+K)

I'm damned lazy ,this is why i use Yubnub, a terrific tool for a quick shortcut to all i need on the web (imdb,images,googlegroups,wikipedia,translation..).
I access Yubnub's command within firefox with a fantastic "Jomdom" search plugin that enable yubnub with Ctrl+K ; i decided to write FastYub, a firefox plugin that add "highlight and search" feature.
With Ctrl+shift+k , can be used in two different ways:

1. Text highlighted and Ctrl+shift+k ---> insert your command (example: gim) and confirm
2. Simple Ctrl+shift+k --> insert your command and text (example: gim porsche) and confirm

Shortcut (Ctrl+shift+k) is still hard coded and cannot be customized.
As usual is quick and dirty (mani avanti), give it a shot and let me know

Download FastYub 1.0


Jonathan said...

Cool! I've mentioned it here:

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for an extension like this. Great idea!

I've noticed that if you have multiple tabs open and words highlighted on multiple tabs, it will sometimes grab a highlighted word from an inactive tab instead of the highlighted text on the top tab.

Otherwise, it's great.