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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Geeks on the catwalk

Spulciando i .toread su , mi ha divertito questo fashion post di Martin Fowler , pioniere e luminare di tutto cio' che e' OO ,design e metodologie di programmazione in ambiente enterprise.
Ebbene, a Fowler non interessa assolutamente la moda (My philosophy is there isn't much point worrying about the packaging when there's nothing attractive about the contents) ma , per spirito di sopravvivenza, deve comunque cercare la giusta via per organizzare il proprio vestiario.
Ecco i 4 consigli di un vero guru viaggiatore che ,rinunciando allo stile , si concentra esclusivamente sulle funzionalità di un indumento:

Minimal Care: no ironing for a start (even popping over to have them laundered
is too much trouble these days.) For vacation travel this goes even further -
I want shirts that I can wash in a hotel sink and be dry and reasonably presentable in the morning.

Easy packing: light weight, small volume, nothing that wrinkles too easily.

Flexible: I may visit a client one day and go hiking the next.
I want things I can use in different situations so I can still fit everything in the carry-on bag.

Pockets: I can never have too many pockets to put things in.

Martin Fowler on fashion