Systempuntoout: Greasemonkey Vs Laziness ( toRead trick)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Greasemonkey Vs Laziness ( toRead trick)

In my account i usually use a tag to remember what i have to read;
during this month i have optimized the process to satisfy my laziness.

  1. I renamed toRead in .toRead to put this tag on the top of the tags stack.
  2. I added tag .toRead in my bookmarklet (+'&tags='+encodeURIComponent('.toread'))
  3. I changed my firefox bookmark to point directly to .toRead tag.
  4. I made a greasemonkey script to easily archive what i have read.

this is a screenshot of what this script does; it simply add an archive link that removes .toRead tag from your item via Ajax.